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Doxstar Pro Herbicide 2litre Spray

Doxstar Pro Herbicide 2litre Spray

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Doxstar Pro herbicide (PCS 05459) is used to achieve long-term control of all species of docks on established grassland and new leys where it will also deliver excellent chickweed, dandelion and daisy control. Cost effective and flexible treatment programmes allow use on pastures from turnout to re-housing. Doxstar Pro is not safe on clover.

For best results Doxstar Herbicide Pro should be applied to actively growing docks in the rosette stage with foliage 200 mm high or across.

DO NOT tank-mix with phenoxy herbicides e.g. MCPA, 2,-D or CMPP

After cutting or grazing allow weeds to re-grow for 2 to 3 weeks before treatment. Dense weed populations may need a follow up treatment.

Weeds Controlled:

Key Weeds Effectiveness
Buttercup, Creeping MR
Chickweed S
Daisy, Common S
Dandelion S
Dock, Broadleaved S
Dock, Curled S
Mouseear, Common -
Nettle, Common MS
Plantain spp MS
Ragwort R
Rush, Soft R
Thistle, Creeping -
Thistle, Sow -
Thistle, Spear -
Willow Herb S
Yellow Iris (Flag Fellastrum) S

S = Susceptible | MS = Moderately Susceptible | MR = Moderately Resistant | R = Resistant

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Active Ingredient:
Fluroxpyr, Triclopyr
2 litres in 300 litres of water.
2 litres will treat one hectare.
Boom Sprayer
Clover Safe:
2 hours
Grazing can start just 7 days after treatment
For optimum activity allow for 4 weeks between application and mowing
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