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First Drink 700g (Now only available in 14kg)

First Drink 700g (Now only available in 14kg)

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Recovery Drink for Freshly calved cows
Tested & proven
Easy to prepare. Add 1 sachet to 15 to 20 litres of water
Very tasty
First Drink is formulated to support:
The reduction of metabolic problems post calving such as displaced abomasums
Rapid recovery after calving
Calcium metabolism
Milk production after calving
A high level of Nicotinic acid is added to support ketosis prevention. Increasing the rate of metabolism of ketones and reducing fat metabolism in early lactation
By providing First Drink after calving the cow recovers quickly from calving and is given a very good start to lactation and subsequent fertility.
Feeding Instructions

First Drink is a water soluble powder.
Mix 1 sachet to 15 to 20 litres of warm water. To achieve an optimal drinking temperature.
*Assure the cow cannot drink water after calving, until First Drink is supplied.

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