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Fly control bundle

Fly control bundle

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This Bundle offers optimal results for the control of flies and biting insects. This bundle contains Flectron fly tags, Headstart garlic lick and Spotinor.

Flectron Fly Tags are for the control of flies on cattle. Pack contains 10 ear tags and fastening studs, each ear tag has 935mg of cypermethrin pyrethroid. For Whole Body Protection.

Spotinor is used for the treatment and control of lice and flies on cattle and is also used for the treatment of ticks, lice keds and blowfly in sheep. The active ingredient in Spotinor is deltamethrin, which is a highly effecive and fast acting insecicide that boast no milk withdrawal time on dairy cattle. Active Ingredient: Deltamethrin.

When livestock are stressed or irritated then they are less likely to graze and therefore become less productive. By providing a garlic bucket which the animal consumes, the garlic is absorbed by the animal over the following days and is secreted out from pores in the skin to make the skin less attractive to flies and biting insects.

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