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Gallagher M50 Electric Fence Energiser

Gallagher M50 Electric Fence Energiser

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The M50 is a mains fence energiser, suitable for short fences up to 4 km. The M50 is easy to operate and is ideal for keeping pets like rabbits, dogs and cats in or for keeping small predators out. It is often used in gardens up to 120 m2. Installation is easy and the energiser also uses minimal power and ensures reliable animal control with built-in lightning protection.

- Maximum output voltage (V): 6200
- Charging energy (J): 0.5
- Maximum impulse energy (J): 0.3
- Number of earthing rods required: 1 x 1 m
- Multiwire distance – ideal conditions (km): 4
- Multiwire distance – light growth (km): 2
- Multiwire distance – recommended (km): 1
- Fence surface (ha) (recommended): 2
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