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Gallagher Mains Fencer Fence Master M120

Gallagher Mains Fencer Fence Master M120

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Gallagher Mains Fence Master M120 is suitable for small fences and paddocks. There is 1.2 Joules of stored energy and this energiser is suitable for fencing domestic animals and pets on properties up to 10 acres. The compact modular design is easy to install and service. Designed specifically for small animals and small plots of land it is straightforward to install. Supplied with power, fence and earth cables there is a wall clip included and integrated lightening protection. When you are handling wire wear protective clothing, gloves and safety glasses. Wire can be flexible, so it is important to remain vigilant and cautious around it. Plan ahead and measure the area you need the wire to stretch. A suitable fence will keep your animals together and keep neighbouring animals out. Fencing your farm is essential to making your life easier and you're farming more efficient. Very easy to tighten wire is can be easily adjusted once correctly aligned.

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