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Gallagher Mains Fencer M2800I (No Accs.)

Gallagher Mains Fencer M2800I (No Accs.)

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Gallagher Mains Fence Master M2800i provides accurate fence information at a glance and informs you of any problems along your fence line. The intelligent i series can save you time and money. With 28 joules of stored energy this energizer can be used as a fence system for all types of animals on farms up to 300 acres. You can monitor the status of your fence from a convenient location so you do not need to waste time walking along it. Any problems are immediately logged with the external display. An SMS optional module is also available which enables you to receive messages on your mobile phone or alarm in the event of a power cut. Multiple wire fences can be controlled with this device and the adaptable control ensures reliable, high performance stock control. The wire fence can be monitored for up to 53km. A remote control can turn on/off a fence which is available separately. When you are handling wire wear protective clothing, gloves and safety glasses. Wire can be flexible so it is important to remain vigilant and cautious around it. Plan ahead and measure the area you need the wire to stretch. A suitable fence will keep your animals together and keep neighbouring animals out. Fencing your farm is essential to making your life easier and you'e farming more efficient.


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