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Gallagher Polywire 200m 6 Strand

Gallagher Polywire 200m 6 Strand

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Gallagher Super 6 Strand Polywire is suitable for distances up to 200 metres. Flexible and easy to work with this wire is best suited to short term fencing and strip grazing. Constructed from a combination of metal and plastic filaments polywire consists of small wire strands which serve as conductors. Designed with the animals vision in mind, it is easy to see and can carry a current strong enough to ensure they will not touch the tape again. Wire and twine are also ideally suited to domestic and garden fencing to keep predators such as foxes and badgers out. Polywire is more suited to slower moving animals and is not suitable as a barrier fence for fast moving animals such as horses. Wear suitable gloves to protect your hands and safety glasses when you are handling wire and flexible materials. Move all necessary animals out of the area you are fencing to help make the job more efficient.

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