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Lamb Warming Box

Lamb Warming Box

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The first number of hours if a lamb is born in poor condition is crucial. The Sturdy Revival Unit allows for quick recuperation. Likewise a small animal recovering from an operation requires secure, comfortable and dry constant temperature environment which the Animal Revival Unit delivers.

Placing an animal into the Sturdy Animal Revival Unit increases its rate of recovery from hypothermia, stress, surgery and maintains a regular temperature in newborn animals.

The Animal Revival Unit comes fitted with a thermostatically controlled heater, which directs the air in to the base of the heater keeping the temperature at a constant level. lt is important that a warm air heater is used rather than a more severe heat lamp at this stage.

The unit is manufactured from medium density polyethylene and is easy to clean. It has an easy access lid with a viewing window so the animal can be monitored undisturbed. The Animal Revival Unit is ready to use and requires plugging into a 13 amp mains socket.

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