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Aesculap Hoof Knife

Aesculap Hoof Knife

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For many years, the AESCULAP ​​hoof knife has been valued by professional hoof trimmer and is often used ever since.

The AESCULAP ​​ hoof knife comes with a blade made of unbreakable, special stainless steel providing the knife with an extra long-life time and duration.

The ergonomically shaped wooden handle gives the AESCULAP hoof knife its unique shape; Danish form. Due to the unique shape of the handle, the Aescalup ​​hoof knife achieves a high cutting geometry and offers the hoof trimmer an ergonomic working experience.

The reinforced and high-quality blade has been carefully machined, resulting in a first-class and natural cutting experience; fast, efficient and safe. All these characteristics make the AESCULAP ​​hoof knife very suitable for the highest demands.

Compared to competing hoof knives, the AESCULAP ​​hoof knife achieves a very good price/performance ratio.

Professional tool!

Available in right and left cutting model.

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