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At Birth Tubes

At Birth Tubes

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At Birth is an easy to administer supplement for new born calves that will help build a strong immune system and protect calves from pathogenic viruses that can lead to disease. At Birth contains essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that not only strengthens the immune system of new born calves but also helps to promote the number of favourable bacteria in the gut of the new born calves. At Birth comes in convenient syringe tubes that make administration quick and easy.

How At Birth Works

At Birth contains a specially designed collection of vitamins, minerals and nutrients and promotes healthy growth in new born calves by doing the following:
Probiotics: These help populate the gut of the new born calf with favourable bacteria which in turn promotes the growth of a healthy digestive system.
Mannan Oligosaccharides (MOS): This is a specific nutrient that is utilized by the favourable bacteria.
Vitamins: At Birth uses a combination of vitamins A, D3, E, C and B group vitamins to promote a healthy immune system to help fight off pathogenic viruses in the early days of life.

Administering At Birth

At Birth is administered orally. A full 30g syringe should be emptied into the back of the calves mouth within the first twelve hours of life.

Features of At Birth Syringes

  • Easy to administer
  • Boost new born calves immune system
  • Promotes growth of favourable bacteria in the gut
  • Protects against pathogenic viruses
  • Comes in convenient single dose syringes
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