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Calcitrace D3 Bolus 175g (4 x 175g)

Calcitrace D3 Bolus 175g (4 x 175g)

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  • Reduce the risk of clinical and sub-clinical milk fever
  • Administer one bolus at a time of calving, and, if necessary, a second 12-hours later
  • Dietetic mineral feed bolus for dairy cow
  • Contains highly available sources of calcium and vitamin D3
  • Gentle on the rumen and does not contain caustic calcium chloride

Address all of your transition cow needs with advanced formulations to aid in energy balance, the prevention of milk fever, ketosis and metritis with the Norbrook's Transition Cow Range.

45 g Calcium and 40000IU D3. Comprised of fast releasing calcium formate, calcium acetate, and slow-releasing calcium sulphate. Fast and slow-releasing calcium for a consistent and economical supply of calcium. D3 is proven to in chance the absorption of calcium in the intestine. Reduces the risk of subclinical and clinical milk fever. Free from corrosive calcium chloride.

Provide bolus at calving, 12 hours after calving and can be used as supportive therapy after calcium infusion. 20-month shelf life (comes in an outer of 12).

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