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Calcium Action Natural Stockcare

Calcium Action Natural Stockcare

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Calcium Action is a complementary feeding stuff that is specifically formulated
to help prevent and manage hypocalcaemia (milk fever).
Calcium Action contains concentrated calcium and magnesium to help combat
the condition, along with dextrose and propylene glycol as energy sources to
bridge the energy gap.

Calcium is an essential mineral for normal bodily function and is particularly important for the health of sheep
during pregnancy and lactation. Calcium plays a crucial role in the growth and development of foetal bones
and is also necessary for producing colostrum and milk in the ewe. Hypocalcaemia, or low blood calcium
levels, can have serious consequences for sheep, including slow labour, poor appetite, poor thrive, and even
paresis and death if left untreated.

Hypocalcaemia in ewes is more likely to occur before lambing, with twin or triplet lambs increasing the risk.
Ewes that are too fat or too thin, lame, older, or have a difficult previous lambing are also at higher risk.
Anything that disrupts the supply or absorption of calcium from the feed, such as a vitamin D shortage or
oxalates, can put ewes at risk. Stressful events like mustering, transport, sudden temperature drops, and
sudden changes in diet can also trigger hypocalcaemia. "Outbreaks" of hypocalcaemia can result from errors
in formulating rations, incorrect mineral supplementation, and stress-related events.

Calcium Action 600ml Main Key Benefits: A complimentary feed of 45g calcium in a fast and slow release to help manage milk fever Administer 1 x 600ml bottle 12 hours pre-calving, 1 at time of calving and 1 at 12 hours post calving If handling is an issue, administer 1 x 600ml bottle at calving and another 8-12 hours later

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