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Calving Essentials Kit

Calving Essentials Kit

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Add Comfy Calf Jacket

Calving Essentials Kit has been pulled together to offer our customers everything you will need for the busy calving period. The Calving Essentials Kit items has been specially selected by farmers for farmers and comes in a handy, strong and easy to transport storage box for ease of use.

The Calving Essentials Kit includes:

  • Arm Length Gloves 100 pack
  • 500ml Spray Bottle 10% Iodine
  • Set of Vink Calving Ropes
  • Calf Kick Start (works by increasing the blood glucose levels of the calf resulting in Increased energy, appetite and aggressive suckling in the calf)
  • Ritches Lube 2.5 Litre
  • At Birth tube
  • OPTIONAL: Add a Comfy Calf Calf Jacket for only €25
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