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Coseicure Cattle Bolus 20s

Coseicure Cattle Bolus 20s

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Coseicure Cattle Bolus 20s are for the supply of copper, cobalt, selenium and iodine in cattle weighing over 100kg. The bolus supplies these trace elements at a controlled and constant rate for up to 6 months. (20 Pack).


  • No guesswork – delivers exactly the same amount of copper, cobalt and selenium every single day, at levels compatible with animal’s daily requirements
  • Unique - the only soluble-glass bolus
  • Unique rumen-available ionic copper
  • formulation
  • Unique rumen-available ionic cobalt formulation
  • Delivers trace elements which are essential for ongoing health and fertility

Signs of Iodine Defencies:

  • Hairlessness in new-born calves
  • Decreased milk yields
  • Reduced hormone secretion and reproductive health
  • Reduced bone growth and skeletal development
  • Poor growth and weight loss

Each Bolus contains:

  • 13.4% w/w copper
  • 0.15% w/w selenium
  • 0.5% w/w cobalt
  • 1.0% w/w iodine

How to administer and quantities to provide:

  • Remove the bolus from the foil and ensure the bolus is as close to body temperature as possible at administration.
  • Ruminating cattle over two months of age and weighing over 100 kg body weight: 2 boluses.
  • Administer orally using an applicator, which delivers the bolus directly into the top of the gullet.
  • The boluses should normally be administered just before turnout, but administration may be carried out at any time, e.g. administer to dairy cows at drying off or at calving or 30 days post-calving or at artificial insemination. Boluses can be given up to three times a year, following advice from a nutritionist to give continuous cover throughout the production cycle.

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