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Criticalc boluses are premium quality calcium boluses for cattle. Criticalc is a supplement specially formulated for lactating cows. Studies have shown that CritiCalc gets cows off to a better start to lactation. By reducing the likelihood of metabolic diseases in lactating cattle, CritiCalc also improves early lactation and increases milk yields. Peer-reviewed research trials have demonstrated that CritiCalc is a powerful mineral supplement that will increase lactation and make the early weeks of milk production more profitable for farmers. Available in bolus, liquid drench and powder mix forms, CritiCalc is an essential for dairy farmers.


For optimal results, administer 2 CritiCalc boluses to cows at calving.

Key reasons to use CritiCalc:

Improves milk yields: CritiCalc is scientifically proved to improve your cow's milk yields in the early weeks of lactation

Milk Fever: Reduces the likelihood of milk fever in lactating cows

Profitability: Because CritiCalc enhances your cow's milk production, it will also improve the net profitability of your herd in the period after calf birth

Easy to administer: Coming in bolus, liquid drench and powder forms, CritiCalc is easy to administer

Key features of CritiCalc:

  • High in calcium
  • Contains a minimum of 4g Rumen Soluble Magnesium
  • Contains Rumen Protected Selenium and Vitamin E
  • Success supported by scientific trials

CritiCalc versus rival calcium bolus

Criticalc Rival bolus
Bolus weight 260g 192g
Calcium 65g 43g
Analytical Constituents Magnesium (4g), Sodium (1.3g), Phosphorous (<0.1g), Postassium (<0.1g)
Moisture 14% 32%
Added Vitamins Vitamin E (1200mg)

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