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Drench-Mate Drench Powder 7.5kg

Drench-Mate Drench Powder 7.5kg

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Drench for “Fresh” “Pre-Post” Calving & Off-Feed cows and cattle, the Drench-Mate Drench will combat milk fever, aides in hydration, ketosis, subclinical hypocalcemia, improve digestion, stimulate appetite, and improve performance.

Drench-Mate Drench provides multiple sources of highly soluble calcium, magnesium, niacin, potassium, glucogenic propionate, yeast and vitamins so that your fresh cow will reach optimum peak milk production.

Compared to most competitor’s Drench-Mate Drench has SIX sources of calcium, this aids in correcting the physiological imbalance caused by the loss of massive fluids resulting from the calving process. These fluid losses reduce appetite, increases the likelihood of milk fever, ketosis, and retained placentas. Drench-Mate Drench is a supplement that can be easily drenched using one of the available pieces of equipment made by Drench-Mate.

  • Multiple sources of calcium help insure rapid availability and absorption of calcium which helps reduce the risk of milk fever and other diseases related to subclinical hypocalcaemia.
  • Glucose, an important source of energy, is supplied through metabolic precursors. This helps maintain blood glucose, improves insulin function, and helps reduce blood fatty acid levels. Helps stimulate appetite to encourage increased DMI and assists in breaking down feeds into absorbable nutrients.
  • B-vitamins, including niacin, are included to improve liver function and reduce the risk of ketosis and other problems related to liver lipid metabolism. Other vitamins enhance antioxidant status and immune function.
  • Replaces important minerals that are lost during the calving. These being potassium, sodium, magnesium and chloride.
  • Helps stimulate rumen function which aides to increase appetite lost during calving and metabolic stressors.
  • Highly soluble and rapidly absorbable magnesium and magnesium sources.
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