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ErgoPro Dual Motor Dryer Pro

ErgoPro Dual Motor Dryer Pro

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ErgoPro Dual Motor Dryer Pro is one of the most powerful dual motor dryers on the market with wind speeds of up to 96 m/s for more blowing power.
ErgoPro Dual Motor Dryer Pro has an in built heater.
Heavy duty but also lightweight and portable, ideal for heavy coated or long haired animals.

Motor Size: 700W - 3300W Energy Saving Dual Motor
Voltage: 110 - 240V Dual Voltage
Wind Speed: Four Gears for 25 - 96m/s
Weight: 7.5 kgs
Decibel Rating: 82 dB
Temperature: 25°C - 75°C
Certification: ISO, CTA, CE
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

(Hose and nozzles are a consumable and not included in the warranty)

Feet/Minute: 19,000

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