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Headstart Garlic Lick Bucket 20kg

Headstart Garlic Lick Bucket 20kg

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Headstart Garlic Lick Bucket 20kg is an effective way to create a repellent against flies and biting insects.

When livestock are stressed or irritated then they are less likely to graze and therefore become less productive. By providing a garlic bucket which the animal consumes, the garlic is absorbed by the animal over the following days and is secreted out from pores in the skin to make the skin less attractive to flies and biting insects.

Headstart Garlic Summer Lick from Inform Nutrition is suitable for Horses*, Sheep and Cattle Summer Grazing.


Not suitable for lactating animals while producing milk for human consumption as garlic can taint the milk. Remove 2 weeks prior to milking.

Remove from animals 2 weeks before slaughter as garlic can taint meat.

*Horse: This product has not been tested for the presence of prohibited substances according to Jockey Club Rules.

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