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Horner Zipper Clipper II Dirty Head

Horner Zipper Clipper II Dirty Head

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Horner Zipper Clipper II Dirty Head - A lightweight for all year-round tailing, dagging / crutching, trimming mule faces, shearing small flocks, cattle clipping etc.

These sheep clippers are ideal for shearing small flocks.


    • 2 Standard Longhorn 76MB combs and 2 Longhorn cutters
    • Shearer's screwdriver
    • Aluminium storage case
    • Brush to clean air intake
    • Oil bottle
    • 5.7 Metre electrical cable.

Slimmer - Easier to hold and lightweight - weighs only 1.2kg (plus the electric cable.)

All normal sheep shearing combs and cutters fit.

Give it a go... see for yourself how much easier it is!

These electric sheep shears come with our own full 1 year warranty.

Electrical safety: use a circuit breaker (RCD) with all 240 volt shearing machines.

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