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Agrimin 24.7 Smartrace Sheep bolus

Agrimin 24.7 Smartrace Sheep bolus

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Agrimin 24·7 SMARTRACE SHEEP BOLUS is designed for situations where iodine, cobalt and selenium supplementation is essential in the run up to tupping, at scanning or over-wintering. It can also be given to rams in advance of the mating season.

Agrimin 24·7 SMARTRACE SHEEP BOLUS supplies the animal’s full daily requirement of each essential trace element for 180 days.


Agrimin 24·7 SMARTRACE SHEEP BOLUS are designed to lie in the reticulum. The wrapper on the bolus dissolves and the bolus breaks into two parts.

These erode and dissolve completely thus providing a continuous and regular supply of nutrients to the animal.


  • Eroding technology means consistent supply of trace elements
  • Delivers full daily requirement of iodine, cobalt and selenium
  • Free of copper – OK for use in continental breeds
  • Helps maintain ewe health through winter
  • Optimise lambing percentages
  • Helps maintain lamb vitality
  • Contains no GMOs or material of animal origin
  • Bolus applied in one single, simple application
  • Active life of 180 days

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