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Lamb Stomach Feeder

Lamb Stomach Feeder

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Lamb Stomach tube is designed for administering colostrum to newborn lambs who are too weak to suckle themselves. If a lamb has a difficult birth and is unable to stand in the first few hours in order to suckle then you may be required to use the Lamb Stomach tube to get colostrum into the lamb. It is usually quite easy to use on lambs as they will usually swallow the tube themselves. However you still should take care to insure no liquid makes it to the lambs lungs.

It is recommended that Lambs receive 10 percent of the body weight in colostrum by 24 hours after birth. This means that a 10 lb. lamb should consume 1lb. of colostrum by 24 hours of age. Ideally, they should consume half of this within 4 to 8 hours of birth.

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