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Lambing Essentials Kit

Lambing Essentials Kit

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The Lambing Essentials Kit is a kit containg everything you need for the lambing period in a handy, strong and easy to transport storage box with a handle. It contains 1 litre of lube, 500ml spray iodine 8.8%, 450ml Coyles marker spray, 100 pack of rubber tail rings, 100 pack of arm length gloves, Aqualamb, a lamb stomach tube and the choice of an open plastic container with a handle or a Stanley metal latch chest.This is a must for all sheep farmers at lambing time.

Features of the Lambing Essentials Kit

  • 1 Litre Lube
  • 500ml Spray Iodine
  • 450ml Coyles Marker Spray
  • Lamb Tail Rings 100 pack
  • Arm Length Gloves 100 pack
  • Aqualamb ( Aqua Lamb contains concentrated energy , egg proteins and probiotics to help support immune development and colonisation of the gut with a favourable microbial population. The addition of additional key proteins and trace elements in this supplement ensures it is especially formulated to support lambs in the critical first few days of life.)
  • Lamb Stomach Tube
  • Stanley Metal Latch Tool Chest
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