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LiquiTrace 25Litres

LiquiTrace 25Litres

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LiquiTrace is a complementary liquid mineral feedingstuff for lactating cows and cattle for the long term supply of trace elements. This contains chelated copper, zinc, selenium, iodine, manganese and cobalt. As it is always important to feed Liqui Trace Minerals in a manner that ensures an equal distribution it is important to use a pump or dispenser.

Recommended Daily Allowance: Adult Cows/Cattle 50ml/head/day

Yearlings/Weanlings 10ml/100kg BW

Selekt Pump (Available on Website): Dilute at a ratio of 5.5/1 - add 280mls of water for every 50ml cow requirement and set Dosatron Pump at 1%

Compsey Dispenser (Available on Website): For 70 cows fill a 20 litre drum with 1.75 litres of liquid trace and top up with water to approx 18litres, turn the dispenser drum upside down and leave slowly into the water. This should be done twice daily, morning and evening, providing the animals with 50ml/head/day

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