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Lister Fusion Clippers

Lister Fusion Clippers

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Boasting two speeds to accommodate any clipping application, the Lister Fusion Clipper ensures exceptional
performance under challenging conditions with its powerful 360W motor for a fast, professional clip.
Designed for superior handling, Fusion clipper is slim and perfectly weighted for ease of use and
features a double fan design and ventilation outlets to ensure consistent cool running during long
periods of use.

• Powerful 360W motor provides the drive needed for fast efficient clipping
• Two speeds for multiple applications; 2500rpm and 2900rpm
• Easy tensioning and a sealed tension nut to prevent hair from entering the system for longer life
• Expertly designed metal head for 10°C cooler blades to ensure animal comfort
• Double fan design and ventilation outlets ensure cool running even during heavy duty applications
• Easy maintenance with a fully serviceable motor
• Automatic overload protection with an easy reset function
• Robust design and longer service life for dependable durability

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