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Natural Stockcare Lamb Energiser

Natural Stockcare Lamb Energiser

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Lamb Energiser is a complementary feedingstuff designed to support every lamb at birth, by providing readily available energy, prebiotic's and a natural antioxidant blend in natural Vitamin E. Lamb Energiser contains the prebiotic scFOS; its soluble dietary fibres are slowly fermented in the gut providing an ideal substrate for natural development of the gut microflora. The supporting proteins help to aid lambs that may have been deprived of maternal colostrum. A blend of natural antioxidants contributes to the Vitamin E requirement and help maintain nutritional health and vitality. Directions for use: Use the pump to deliver a 2 ml feed directly into the Lambs mouth. At Birth: 2 ml feed within first 6 hours of life. Weak Lambs: 2 ml feed at birth and 2 ml per day for 3 days. General Boost: 2 ml feed to boost the nutrient intake of weak lambs. Supporting Recovering Lambs: 4 ml dose on first day and 2 ml feed for next 3 days. Size: 250 ml

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