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Natural Stockcare Twin Plus

Natural Stockcare Twin Plus

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A complete balanced, high specification drench for fertility, pre-tupping and pregnancy. All of our drenches are 100% bio-available, absorbed in the digestive tract faster and more effectively than standard drenches.


• Designed specifically for sheep.

• Assists in growth, live weight gain and immunity.

• Provides a complete balance that is particularly helpful at conception time.

Quantity per 5 Litre:

250 x Sheep (approx.)

250 x Goats (approx.)


15ml per 50kg body weight - 7 to 21 days before mating.

15ml per 50kg body weight - 4 to 6 weeks before lambing.

More Info:

Sheep require a balanced diet. However, in many areas forage can be mineral deficient. Sheep suffering from mineral deficiencies should be given a trace element, mineral and vitamin drench. The correct balance between minerals and vitamins is an essential part of a good drench. Twin Plus is supplied in a base of glucose and propylene glycol to help rapid absorption of nutrients.

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