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Pre/Post Calving Ruminant Mineral Block

Pre/Post Calving Ruminant Mineral Block

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  • These Pre and Post Calving Hi Phos blocks are ideal to hang up on a wall or pillar in your shed.
  • Calcium, phosphorus and magnesium levels aid the prevention of milk fever.
  • Helps reduce mastitis and somatic cell count due to high levels of zinc and selenium.
  • Contains all the major and minor mineral and trace element nutrients essential for cows pre & post calving.
  • Includes a combination of trace elements for cow and calf health, ensuring calves are quicker on their feet.
  • Helps reduce the incidence of retained cleanings with high levels of selenium.
  • Unique 10kg block fits any holder.
  • Suitable to give cows all year long.
  • High in Phosphorus to prevent PICA (a desire to eat/chew unnatural things such as stones, plastic and wood).
  • Salt based to ensure self-regulation.


Unique 10kg block fits any holder. Comes in a pack of 2 X 10kg blocks.

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