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Premium Equine Seaboost Mineral Bucket

Premium Equine Seaboost Mineral Bucket

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The Premium Equine SeaBoost Mineral Bucket contains only the best quality ingredients to help improve the digestion, appearance and overall health of your animals.

  • Contains live yeast which promotes greater digestion of fibre, enhancing the uptake of energy.
  • Contains Biotin for healthy hooves.
  • Includes seaweed to improve coat condition, overall health and digestion.
  • Contains 8 B Vitamins to facikitate energy transfer within the body.


20 kg bucket

Consumption Rate:

- 50 to 150g/animal/day.

Advance Nutrition Minerals:

  • Offer higher bioavailability than inorganic minerals.
  • Reduce concerns about negative mineral interactions.
  • Support mineral retention and tissue reserves.
  • Reinforces mineral status, which leads to optimal overall health, immune status and reproductive function in the animal.
  • Is readily absorbed, stored and utilized by the animal.
  • Is supported by more than 20 years of research
  • Advance Nutrition Key Factors:
  • Live Yeast

Our Yeast provides the nutritional platform needed to:

  • Maintain condition in high producers.
  • Enhance digestibility.
  • Promote the digestion and utilisation of nutrients.
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