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Pro Cud 450g

Pro Cud 450g

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Pro Cud is a stomach powder for cattle over 4 months old. It incorporates ingredients to help correct rumen acidosis and promote the regrowth of helpful stomach bugs. Ginger powder promotes salivation and stimulates appetite. A large portion of live yeast in each pack makes Pro Cud the best option for farmer or vet when choosing an all-purpose stomach powder. Easily mixed in a small enough volume to be administered in a drenching bottle by the stockman but can also be given by 20 litre pump.

Pro Cud can help with

Acidosis - Pro Cud can be used in cases of acidosis caused by excess grain/insufficient long fibre in the diet

Scour/Diarrhoea - Pro Cud can be used alongside any medicines prescribed to support rumen function

Off Food - For Cows that are off food Pro Cud is a sensible choice for improving digestive health

Recovery - From hard calving, caesarean section or any stressful event. Pro Cud can help keep the cow eating thus maintaining strength

Abomasal Conditions - Pro Cud can help maintain normal rumen activity, appetite and fibre intake in at-risk cows post calving, helping to reduce the risk of abomasal displacement

Antibiotics - Cows on antibiotics can suffer from loss of rumen bacteria, eg cows being treated for lameness or metritis

Feeding Instructions:

Adult - 1 sachet per day as a drench

Calves - dose proportionate to weight

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