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Rainbo Tail Paint

Rainbo Tail Paint

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RainBó Roller tail paint has been
developed using over 20 years’
experience designing weather
resistant paint specifically for the Irish
RainBó Roller tail paint has been
designed with easy, rapid application
in mind, greatly reducing application
times compared to some existing
brush applicators. This unique
sustainable product has many
features including;

  • Unique foam roller applicator
  • Pigment quality for high visibility
  • Trialled and tested for all Irish
    weather conditions
  • Non-hazardous paint with a clean

How to apply RainBó Roller tail paint
Tail paint can be easily applied along the tail head of the cow in a narrow
strip. The tail paint method detects cows that are in oestrus by indicating
those which have been mounted when the paint has been rubbed off.

• Use clippers to trim any long hair prior to paint application.
• Tail head area should be dry and remove any loose hair and dirt.
• Begin by rolling forwards from the tail 8-10 inches in on cows back and
then roll back towards you over same area again (as shown in photo
• The first roll will flatten hair and the second will give an even application
of paint.
• Very fast, efficient and even application compared to brush application.
• For best results, cows should be checked at regular intervals throughout
the day during breeding season for signs of wear. Paint should be kept
topped up to ensure detection enabling a compact calving period.

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