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Recovery Bundle

Recovery Bundle

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This bundle makes for the perfect gift, included in the bundle is Himalayan bath salts, a bobble hat and miracle cream.

Himalayan bath salts

Himalayan salt helps to assist the muscles through hydration. Thus, cramped tired muscles are more relaxed. Further, the grains of the salt can be used as an exfoliant ,r emoving dead skin cells making your skin feel softer. Himalayan salt can help to balance out a variety of elements within the body. For instance a mineral-rich salt bath is an excellent way to lower blood pressure as well as blood sugar levels

Miracle Cream

A natural,premium muscle balm and rub that contains a natural blend of peppermint oil, Wintergreen Essence, Menthol and Arnica Eucalyptus Oils. For use on all
muscles and joints as a soothing rub to aid wellness.

Bobble Hat

100% Acrylic

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