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Seaweed 20kg

Seaweed 20kg

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Our Seaweed Flake supplement contains over 60 minerals, vitamins, trace elements and amino acids which stimulate gut health and well-being in young animals.

Seaweed Flake is a seaweed flake that can be added to any dry feed, crunch or nuts, this product is suitable for all animals. Seaweed flake helps to stimulate appetite, improves energy levels and improves overall health and appearance.

Seaweed Flake has over 60 minerals, vitamins, amino acids, polysaccharides and anti- oxidants present in it, this will help with any mineral or vitamin deficiency and can also improve fertility.

Recommended dose:

sheep- 5g per head per day

calves- 10g-15g per head per day

Cattle- 20g per head per day

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