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Sheep Dip - Hygeia Winter Dip

Sheep Dip - Hygeia Winter Dip

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Use Hygeia Winter dip for the most effective treatment and control of blowfly and sheep scab (Psoroptes ovis) in sheep. Emulsifiable concentrate to be used as a dip.

Target Species: Sheep

Special warnings for each target species:

Sheep should never be dipped on a full stomach, when the wool is wet, or when they are heated, tired, thirsty or suffering from wounds or open sores.

Withdrawal Period:

Animals intended for human consumption must not be slaughtered during treatment. Sheep intended for human consumption may only be slaughtered from 35 days after the last treatment. Not for use in ewes producing milk for human consumption.

Method and route of administration:

For topical use as a dip. Do not use with any other dip. Replenish, as the levels fall, as directed. This combined with a clean bath, will give best results. If this recommendation is not observed, sheep passing through the bath at a low dip level (or a foul bath) will not be as effectively treated or protected as those sheep passed through earlier.

To prepare the bath:

Measure the required volume of cold water into the bath. Then dispense the dip concentrate directly into the dip tank only using Hygeia’s Closed Transfer System. Follow the instructions provided with the dispensing kit for fitting it to the container of dip concentrate and for dispensing the dip concentrate safely.

INITIALFILL 2.25 litres (0.5 gallons) of dip concentrate to 900 litres (200 gallons) of water, equivalent to 250 ppm of Diazinon. Stir the bath thoroughly from end to end before commencing dipping and dip on the day the bath is prepared.

To Dip the Sheep :

Immerse the sheep in the bath for a minimum of one minute. Keep the sheep moving forward and crutch the head under at least once. Care should be taken to see they do not swallow or inhale the wash.

To Replenish the Bath:

  • Baths less than 2,250 litres (500 gallons): after every 36 sheep dipped, add 1 litre into the dip tank and sufficient water to restore the bath to its original volume.
  • Baths greater than 2,250 litres (500 gallons): after every 90 sheep dipped, add 2.5 lites into the dip and sufficient water to restore the bath to its original volume. When a bath becomes foul, however, always empty it and refill with fresh dip.

For the purpose of the control of sheep scab, sheep must be totally immersed in a sheep bath and all parts of the sheep except the head and ears must remain immersed for not less than one minute. Plunge the head at least twice, allowing time to breathe between plunges.

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