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Shepherdess Lamb Feeder

Shepherdess Lamb Feeder

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A unique lamb milk feeder providing a simple system of delivering warm, fresh milk to lambs 24 hours a day.

Simply plug into the mains and the milk remains at the desired temperature 24hrs a day. Eliminates the need for bottle feeding for pet lambs. Plus, as with a natural mother, the lamb enjoys access to milk 24hrs a day ensuring they thrive as normal.

Contains 2 x 12L buckets for easy refilling

2 x white teats and 2 x red teats



Instruction leaflet

Only suitable for use with shepherdess milk replacer.

  • Up to 20 lambs per bucket.
  • Lambs grow faster (against bottle feeding).
  • Reduced labour.
  • Earlier weaning.

This Shepherdess semi-automatic orphan lamb feeder provides a very simple and easy to use system for providing warm fresh milk to young lambs 24 hours a day. This orphan lamb feeder has been found to be very effective and reliable in the feeding of orphan lambs which thrive using this machine with improved growth rates without digestive upsets.

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