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Silage Bags 50 pack

Silage Bags 50 pack

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Our Silage Bags have a high resistance to rough handling due to their ultra-modern weaving technology that give the bags extreme strength; both in weft and in wrap directions.
They are also UV stable for up to 10 years and resistant to acids and chemicals, rot-proof and fungus-free. Two handholds facilitate easy lifting. The weight and maneuverability of the bags provide maximum protection for your silage pit, particularly the edge of the pit. By placing the bags every 4 to 5 meters, the silage protection cover is fixed and extra weighting is obtained. The bags fix each other in place by means of supporting sleeves. while tyres do not provide an air tight positioning because of their circular shape silage bags are flexible and can be positioned in straight lines. Our bags are also less likely to lure small rodents and vermin, and have no hard or sharp surfaces that could damage the plastic film. Silage Bags are the ultimate weight to keep your silage and cover clean and free of any contaminants.

Features of the Silage bags

  • Micro-meshed monofil yarn
  • High resistance.
  • Ultra-modern weaving technology.
  • Tear proof
  • Resistant to acids and chemicals
  • Rot-proof and fungus-free.
  • UV stable.
  • Easy and fast binding!
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