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Tubby Frobut & Imuherb 14kg

Tubby Frobut & Imuherb 14kg

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#For orders more than 1 bucket please call the office to order-0578510155#

Designed for use when the skin and gut health is challenged

Antiseptic ingredients help to maintain skin integrity particularly around the mouth and nose area

Helps support a healthy gut by aiding the build up of gut integrity to optimise health and performance

Stress free, topical approach as regular contact with free access to licks enables stress free control of skin issues

Suitable for all lambs from newborn to hoggs

Use when turned out to grazing to help support against the consequences of thistle prick and to support the gut with forage/diet change.

14kg Tub/24 lambs/4-6weeks(approx intake 14-20g/hd/day

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