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Wahl Deep Black Shampoo

Wahl Deep Black Shampoo

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Wahl Deep Black Shampoo is designed to give black coats a new lease of life by boosting the coats natural pigmentation. That means that this shampoo also works on grey or blue coats! This product is designed for use on any coat type, and effectively removes, dirt, grease and staining.

This multipurpose shampoo also works to condition and moisturise the coat of your animal

A soothing Shampoo based on natural ingredients, it contains no harmful detergents or cleansers.

Beneficial ingredients plus vitamins E and C, works to keep your animal and their coat healthy and in top condition.

Wahl has been delivering quality focused grooming products since 1919 and its drive towards innovation and ever better products will not stop soon.

Wahl’s expertly developed formulas have commanded respect from livestock, equine and pet owners throughout all generations and now their new colour enhancing formula is breaking new ground for grooming shampoo’s.

Concentrate Formula 15:1

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